Get involved

There are many things happening in our church at ground level that we can all be very proud of, yet they are not well known and they should be shared so that others can be encouraged to try them or adapt them to their own settings. They involve adult educational exercises, creative building projects, outreach initiatives, work with children, youth, families, men, women, social justice projects, welfare and community care activities, ecumenical initiatives, local congregational and community research projects, and the list goes on…..

There are four ways that you can get involved. Please consider doing one or all four of the following. We will then contact you and discuss the development of your report.

1. Register your interest in what we are doing – let us know who you are and also let us have a record of what you do
2. Give us a short summary, by email or by snail mail, of any action learning type projects that lay people in your environment are engaged with – send us a summary – see attached form
3. Allow us to keep in touch with you and develop your information into a format that we can publish, share and talk about – publish your project and its results get feedback from others
4. Get in touch with others who are doing a similar initiative or you think may well be interested in your work – establish your own network.