Steps to getting listed

To contribute a project you will need to complete the following form electronically if at all possible.

For publication we need to have information on physical Projects or eEnterprise’s developed locally on a church based action research approach. This form may be convenient in providing a summary of the project that may, at this point, not have yet been fully written up. Further this write up would be necessary information in any grant application and report to church council.

Listing process: notification of the launch of Future Church in Action via. the form provided on this site. DOWNLOAD HERE

Listing procedure: (1) please link your project to the criteria, (2) download the two page eForm DOWNLOADED to you representing the congregation concerned and (3) completed and when returned it will be (4) categorised by your friendly editorial team and then (5) uploaded onto the website, with (6) notification to list members subscribed. Categorisation and review and notification are expected to be in the day following the eForm is receipt.

Web Listing Policy: to retain site integrity groups will not be able to edit their information directly. Such usability may be added at a later stage with password protection subject to its success

Listing frequency: to be on a currently assembling web based format i.e. the website will be updated whenever a change/new listing is required. Your listing will remain in its clusters.

NB: eForm to be completed and sent electronically to the editorial team at

Criteria for Project and Conversation listing

Future Church In Action is aimed at linking congregations which are actually doing something in the outside world of nuts and bolts, ‘doing’, so to speak, or thinking seriously about ‘doing’ or determined to ‘do’ something, rather than only head ‘thinking’ – the world of ideas.  Further ‘doing’ here means actual action in the physical world again rather than purely head or ‘thinking’ type activities such as writing or talking.  This is not to suggest that the latter are unimportant. Far from it we need to able to take our ‘thinking’, writing and talking about project ideas and have conversations about them with the intent of actioning i.e. ‘doing’ them. Further many of the ideas even prototypes we need to grow and develop our churches and communities are already in existence, we just need to implement i.e. ‘do’ them. This site aims to help us ‘do’ this.

There are many initiatives that focus on ideas rather than their implementation.  That’s why we formed this site – in order to seek to redress this and to learn from our actions.

By project we mean two approaches:
(1)   An actual project – where you put your ideas to work in the real or physical world in order to extend your congregation or assist your community – see categories.
(2)   An idea for a project – where you are getting your ideas into order prior to undertaking an actual project – see conversations.

For (1) we suggest your group nominate a person to fill in the project form which we will then put on our website and this will allow you to link via. categories to other related projects
For (2) we anticipate that you may wish to discuss your ideas with others, inc. us, to help focus them even harden them for actual enactment.

For instance a new order of service could be included as an idea yet not as a project as it is a re-organisation of an existing pattern of activity in your congregation.  Similarly, an efficient or effective way of re-organising a Sunday School or young people’s program of activities would be an ‘idea’.  Candle making that makes actual candles not just a plan to make candles would clearly qualify as a project in its specific cluster. Similarly a program for supporting need in your community, an innovative method of organising the church leadership team, or a creative way that you have used to reach out to your community and make them welcome would all be ‘projects’.

The editorial group reserves the right to decline to include a particular project or conversation depending on these criteria.

Paul Wildman, Paul Inglis
c/- the editorial team
Future Church In Action
A Project of the Lay Forum
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