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Compassion Candles – Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church

Title: Compassion Candles is a project developed by Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church, focusing on making and selling quality candles, to sponsor as many children living in poverty as possible.

Timelines for Project:When did we get the ideas? When did we start planning? When did we implement the project? Is it still going? Is there an end point or a new stage in development planned.Compassion CandleWe began making our first experimental candles (24 May 2009). We are planning to officially launch Compassion candles at the end of August 2009, with the first candles on sale 2 weeks later at the annual Flower Show that we host in Proserpine. We will be making candles between now and the Flower Show on money donated to the project, thereafter it will grow and sponsor on profits.

Your Project Story (description): The idea for a candle-making club for upper primary and lower secondary students arose in April 2009. The idea of using profits to sponsor children in poverty arose just before, but independently from, a visit to our church by Compassion Australia on 17 May.

Compassion Candles grew out of some simple God-timing – the idea of a candle making club; the idea of sponsoring children out of profits; and a visit by Compassion Australia. You have to realise that in Proserpine we don’t get too many visiting speakers from beyond Mackay. We got the point – but it is exciting to see the fire in the eyes of our young people who realise that they have the chance to start something that can make a difference to some other lives.

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